[development] changes to contrib repository?

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sat Dec 16 09:54:12 UTC 2006

> Yeah, there has been a change wrt sandboxes.
> Sandboxes were intended to allow for the development of core patches, 
> but usually got used for a lot of different stuff. That's why as of now 
> people need to apply for a sandbox.

And when I said this is a stupid rule because sandboxes are good for example alpha quality stuff or whatever useful code that's just pushed out in the name of sharing I got two answers:

a) create and host your own repository, it's not hard. -- I would rather not even comment this one, I have no polite answer to this one. 
b) maybe we need to have a forge-like something -- yes we still need.

Example. I had written a module which let people to tag users. I never had the time to really maintain it but several months later someone found it, ported it to 4.7... I have --and I think was not alone-- learned how to write node access modules from JonBon's primitve modules which were never intended to be released. I am working with Robert Douglass on memcached sessions and both of us has his memcached code in his sandbox. What will come out of this work is not yet clear but it's crystal clear that without a place to share, our work would be hindered.

What about this rule: "sandboxes are to be used for code that benefits the Drupal community"?



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