[development] changes to contrib repository?

inkfree press inkfree at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 01:01:56 UTC 2006

Gerhard wrote:

>> Can you pretty please use another mail provider? We won't tolerate
>> the use of our mail archive as somebody else's advertising resource.

Cheers to Gerhard for pointing this out.  It is the viral quality of this
kind of "free email" that makes it so insidious.

"Earnie Boyd" wrote:

> Like what yahoo.com or or google's gmail?  Just trying to make a buck or two.

Yeah, and I think the point Gerhard was making is exactly this: You're
continuing to use other people's resources to make your "buck or two".

Also, your comment totally belies your little "disclaimer" which suggests
that you can _not_ control this advertising placement. The fact is, you
_can_ control it -- you can use a real email service and stop trying to make
your buck or two on other people's resources.

It is not hard to calculate how many extra bytes of data you require other
people to use just to read your little "buck or two" ads.  Every time a
person downloads email, they must also then pay to download your ad.  You
make money by causing other people to spend it.

You really should use your money-sucking email for your business email and
NOT use it for your private email.  This way, you can cause your customers,
clients and others to spend their money to continually download your ads,
but you won't subject your anonymous 'friends' to this surcharge.

> At least the server is using Drupal. :)

Is that supposed to be some kind of appeal to let you continue polluting the
Drupal storage space (email is stored) with your ads?  Is the cute little
smiley supposed to blind us all to the real costs that you cause others to
incur, just so you can make "a buck or two"?

It does not assuage the real concern...nor does it eliminate the real cost.
Perhaps we should start charging you to read your email?  Or, perhaps the
Drupal project could bill you for the storage bytes used by your extra
crappy ads?

inkfree press

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