[development] CVS contribtions/sandbox changes

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Sun Dec 17 03:57:03 UTC 2006

> HOWEVER....think of sandboxes as a "safe" place where you can  
> experiment? Probably not something we can do indefinitely....

I agree with Kjartan... sandboxes served a purpose, but Drupal  
development has grown and is more formalized now.

If you used the sandbox before simply as a means of revision control,  
there are better solutions now. Many developers now have personal  
revision control systems, either hosted or distributed, for their own  
coding. With services like Google Code, it is easy to publish and  
maintain code online.

As far development of modules that is still in progress, IMO the  
recent contrib branching improvements solve a lot of that. You can  
now work on alpha-features while maintaining a stable working version.

The sandbox as it is now is one big pile of code... mostly crap, with  
some active pieces buried in it. Let's clean it up.

Steven Wittens

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