[development] Seems I need to take sandbox in my own hands

Gary Feldman dpal_gaf_devel at marsdome.com
Sun Dec 17 16:15:48 UTC 2006

I'd like to make an observation without getting into the middle of 
either the sandbox debate or the version control system debate:

Observation: A version control system that provided better support than 
CVS for actions such as renaming files and directories, or moving a file 
or subtree from one directory to another, would provide more options (or 
more workable options) to the sandbox problem.  In particular, moving 
something from /sandbox/mycruftymodule to 
/contributions/modules/mynewmodule can become an easy, reasonable thing 
to do.

Now I know that there have already been debates over moving off CVS and, 
if so, which system to move to.  I don't know how to make progress on 
that discussion or avoid it turning into another rathole (as the sandbox 
debate is rapidly doing).  I'm merely pointing this out as a single data 
point:  The sandbox discussion would be different if the version control 
system were different.  I'll let the people who've been through that 
other debate decide when to reopen it, at which point this debate could 
be used as a case study.


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