[development] googtube filter for embedding videos

Keizo Gates keizo at ocpaddler.com
Wed Dec 20 04:04:02 UTC 2006

I've been lurking/using drupal for several years.  Finally made  
something other people may be interested in using.

googtube is a simple filter that converts urls to google and youtube  
videos to their embed code.


It's kind of a quick hack and my first attempt at a useful regular  
expression.  I would appreciate any comments -- especially any  
security concerns you might see.  Thanks.

A bit more about it... It currently takes a url to a video on either  
of the two sites no mater where it's located in the filtered text --  
there is no formatting involved.  I like it this way, since there is  
nothing for the user to learn, but if you have thoughts on this let  
me know.  Requiring the url to be on it's own line would be the next  
best alternative.


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