[development] Confused: package value of info files

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Dec 20 23:49:53 UTC 2006

I have submitted a few info files for inclusion in the module and have 
at times pointed to node/101009 by the maintainers to say that package 
shouldn't be given.  However, node/64279 doesn't state that but instead 
suggest "Your arbitrary grouping string" as the value.


Can we have a consensus for what value should be given for 5.0 to 
package and can we update both nodes with the consensus?  I think that 
the original idea was for package to be used by those module packages 
that contain more than one module to group their package together.  
However the design of the 5.0 menu treats package more as a category or 
package type.  Should there be a defined list of what the value of 
package should be?  There is a list in suggested values in the two 
nodes listed above but one important one is Taxonomy and it isn't 
listed.  There are several modules that could be grouped under Taxonomy 
and I think that would be a good thing.

If someone, as I have, decides to install every module in their test 
system to evaluate the validity of each module it quickly becomes a 
matter of importance for the ``Other'' package to be reduced.  The 
Other category is currently long list.

Earnie Boyd

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