[development] Confused: package value of info files

Cog Rusty cog.rusty at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 14:00:20 UTC 2006

I was thinking about a control scheme which might help minimize the
confusion with arbitrary or wrong group strings in info files. The idea is
to require acknowledgement from a group's central module in its info file. A
module would declare its membership *and* the group would acknowledge it.

1. The groups would be real module names. For example, the core modules
could be members of the system group. A list of member modules would be
added to system.info.

2. For a module to appear in a group other than its own name, the central
module of the group should aknowledge it in its info file as well. So, if a
module arbitrarily declares itself as member of a group. this is ignored and
the module goes to the "ungrouped" section.

3. If a module declares it own group but no other members are presently
installed then this is ignored and it goes to the "ungrouped" list too.

4. If a module acknowledges other modules as members of its own group, this
has no effect if the modules themselves don't declare their membership too.

Membership to multiple groups is not currently possible, so I don't see any
complications there. I do understand that all this may be too much, coming
from a non-programmer, so comment it or ignore it as you see fit.
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