[development] Confused: package value of info files

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Dec 21 15:29:30 UTC 2006

Quoting Cog Rusty <cog.rusty at gmail.com>:

> @earmie: I think you could try to implement your idea on an end site by
> modifying the .info files. However, if you have 40 modules or so and
> actually try to do this categorization, I think that soon you will find
> yourself before dilemmas, decisions, compromises, as to how to classify this
> or that module.

I have and this the reason for my post.  I am trying to clarify the 
documentation so that others understand that the package string value 
should most likely not be supplied unless some concensus on this list 
has been given toward a package group.

> Add to that that different users will see the role of a particular module in
> their particular system somehow differently, and it will become more obvious
> why a completely unambiguous default grouping is necessary, even if it does
> not convey all the meaning you want.

This is why a consensus is needed for the package string value.


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