[development] 5.0-dev (HEAD) now installed on scratch.drupal.org -- please test

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Sun Dec 24 04:30:04 UTC 2006

FYI: http://drupal.org/node/105004

http://scratch.drupal.org is now running the latest copy of core  
(HEAD, actually, not just RC1, since there have been some important  
bugs already fixed since RC1).  we were able to do this since i  
finished porting project* to the 5.x API, which was the last big  
hurdle.  this is an important milestone on the way to a 5.0 stable  
release... first scratch.d.o, then live on d.o itself, then  
eventually the official release.

meanwhile, all y'all module and theme maintainers, *PLEASE* help test  
the 5.0 port of the release system... it's going to suck if we  
upgrade d.o to 5.0 and then all of a sudden we're all freaked out  
because some important element of the release infrastructure isn't  
working right.  to make this as easy as possible for you, i've  
resurrected the scratch CVS repository, and pointed the release  
system on scratch.drupal.org to interact with that.  find out more here:


thanks for caring, and happy holidays... ;)
-derek (dww)

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