[development] E-Commerce formapi question.

Gordon Heydon gordon at heydon.com.au
Tue Feb 7 01:25:45 UTC 2006


On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 16:50 -0800, Adrian Rossouw wrote:
> On 06 Feb 2006, at 4:35 PM, Gordon Heydon wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for this, but it is not really what I am looking for, and it  
> > does
> > the drupal_goto() for refresh the page after the submit.
> it shouldn't be doing that.  =)

Sorry, my mistake. this is right at the end. I need to look at it more,
but I can see that all fields exist before the multipart form is

> I have a patch that I am nursing to remove all drupal_goto's from  
> _submit functions.
> i myself am not a fan of how the checkout works on ecommerce at the  
> moment either.
> I'll chat to chx (who wrote the multipart form) and matt westgate  
> (who originally wrote ecommerce)
> about it in the next few days, and see if we can figure out an  
> optimal way to accomplish this.

Thanks this would be great, as I would like to know so I can clean this
area up.


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