[development] Form field maxlengths vs. database field sizes

Keegan Quinn keegan at thebasement.org
Thu Feb 9 21:17:31 UTC 2006

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 12:37:53PM +0000, vlado wrote:
> > Ruby on Rails's ActiveRecord does this database->form mapping amazingly well. 
> > We should take some of their concepts into Drupal, and I therefor encourage 
> > everyone to do a 20 minute quickstart in RoR development. Just to get the 
> > feeling of how Drupal /could be/ in this database mapping smartness!
> >   http://ar.rubyonrails.com/docs #tutorials 
> schemeql (schematics.sf.net) goes one further - you forget the db
> (nearly) completely. You just use the language (php) to define your
> structures and it is automagially converted into an appropriate db
> call(s).

That's the recommended way of doing things with Ruby as well.

Of course, it's easier to simply disregard new technologies instead of
taking the time to understand them.

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