[development] OpenID

Ainsley Pereira drupaldev at pebble.org.uk
Sat Feb 11 14:02:25 UTC 2006

On Fri, Feb 10, 2006 at 01:01:12PM -0800, Jonathan Daugherty wrote:
> # I couldn't find Auth_OpenID_DatabaseConnection anywhere, which
> # Drupal_OpenID_DBConnection attempts to extend
> Well, I didn't expect anyone to actually try running the module; it's
> just for viewing and has been developed against an unreleased version
> of our PHP OpenID library. :) I guess what I am looking for (with
> regard to the code specifically) is "that should work and is
> acceptable", "don't do that, that's terribly awful", or "You'e almost
> there, but here are some things to consider."  But I'll take a test
> run, too, for sure. :)

Ah, well, I don't know a lot about Drupal internals personally, but as
I'm interested in getting OpenID going with it, I thought I could best
help by trying it out and offering encouragement :)
> Thanks for the detailed reply, and thanks for going to the trouble to
> get it to work.  Your decision to extend DB_mysql was correct.  Check
> to be sure that the openid_* tables are in your Drupal database.  Did
> you get any kind of error when you return to your site from the OpenID
> server?  (If you made it that far, things appear to be in working
> order.)  When you return to your test site, do you get prompted to
> enter an email address for the new account?  If so, does that succeed?

Yes, I have three openid_consumer_* tables, settings and associations
each have one entry (settings has an auth_key, associations has an entry
with the server_url I used. No error shown, in the logs I see some
'table already exists' messages, and a 'No colon on line 6:' from
KVForm.php line 77. I did get prompted for an email address, but no
account with that address is in my users table.

After a bit more investigation it seems that it was a browser issue.
Konqueror 3.5.1 doesn't like it somehow, but with Firefox it works OK.
(Except for there being an extra 'openid/' in the returned-to url, which
I can fix by removing it from the header("Location: "... line in
openid_return() ).

I'll try looking into the Konqueror problem myself.


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