[development] check_markup() and flexinode

Fehér János feher.janos at mindworks.hu
Mon Feb 13 06:56:58 UTC 2006

2006-02-10, p keltezéssel 12.33-kor Fehér János ezt írta:
> Hi,
> I'm using the 4.7 beta4 and the latest flexinode HEAD. When I try to 
> apply the filters on the fields with this method
> $node->flexinode_97=check_markup($node->flexinode_97,$node->flexinode_97_format,FALSE);
> the filters aren't applied .
> In the body and teaser, everything is OK. What am I do wrong?


Noone answered, should I ask it on the support list? I don't believe
that noone would like to use filters in he's flexinode code before.

I don't want to play as an itchy guy, but I though it can be an easy,
one line answer for anybody who has tried to apply those filters.


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