[development] Oracle buys SleepyCat

puregin puregin at puregin.org
Wed Feb 15 08:24:14 UTC 2006

On 14-Feb-2006, at 11:11 PM, Gordon Heydon wrote:

> Hi,
> On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 05:50 +0000, John Handelaar wrote:
>> Khalid B wrote:
>>> Oracle bought SleepyCat, the makers of the Berkeley DB that powers
>>> MySQL's BDB tables.
>>> Previously, they bought InnoBase, makers of InnoDB.
>>> This can spell financial trouble for MySQL AB (the company), since
>>> they rely on Inno
>>> for non-GPL licensed versions.
>>> MyISAM is still there, but for commerical applications, this may  
>>> be bad news.
>> No Drupal site needs a 'commercial' MySQL license.
> Yes this is true, but without MySQL AB, MySQL development will not  
> be as
> active as it is currently is, and any new advancements will not be as
> dramatic, and will most likely fall behind other database systems.
> This will affect Drupal.
> On the other hand this will mean that we will need to use another
> database.

    Oracle? ;)
> Gordon.

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