[development] Oracle buys SleepyCat

Greg Knaddison greg.knaddison at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 17:17:03 UTC 2006

On 2/15/06, James Walker <walkah at walkah.net> wrote:
> Yeah, IMO, Oracle is out to put the squeeze on MySQL AB... not PHP.
> Oracle does not compete with PHP... Wild speculation: that Oracle is
> looking to take on MySQL's market by gaining better PHP support (and
> buying Zend would give them considerable PHP expertise).  But,
> exactly ... it's all a blurry crystal ball at this point.

Oracle does have large investments in a dizzying variety of products
and technologies.  I don't think it's hard to find one of them that
"competes" with PHP and even Drupal e.g. their forms
server/application/framework.  It may not be publicly visible, but it
is in large use internally in many large companies.

The pessimistic view on these investments and on the speculations
about other purchases is certainly a very scary one.


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