[development] E-Commerce formapi question.

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Thu Feb 16 09:24:34 UTC 2006

>> complex multi-part forms in any 4.7 module, so we're going to need
>> help from the biggest formAPI gurus around.

I think we have a new solution for multipart.

I spent an ungodly amount of time with the (seemingly simple) problem:  
removing $_POST from poll. I have written at least three different  
solutions with input from Adrian and webchick (I love live coding runs).  
None of them cut it.

The current solution is, which I think is very clean (and Adrian shares  
this): call form_builder from poll_form. The patch is already in the queue  
and if Dries also thinks so, it'll be in core.  

You could do the same. Create a hidden element which tells you which stage  
you were at. Define the buttons in advance as well. Use #weight and #theme  
to move these elements to where they should be visible. Call form_builder  
on the elements. Now you have #value. Based on it, you can make decisions  
about which form you want to define.


Karoly Negyesi

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