[development] View to list only nodes _without_ completed workflow state

Simon Lindsay simon at dirtbike.ws
Sat Feb 18 03:04:49 UTC 2006

Earl Miles wrote:
> Ok, this is definitely a bug, and jvandyk and I are discussing the best 
> way to fix it.

Bummer, but thanks!

This is the code used in the workflow module to get the current state.

function workflow_node_current_state($node) {
   $sid = db_result(db_query("SELECT sid FROM {workflow_node} WHERE 
nid=%d ".
     "ORDER BY start DESC LIMIT 1", $node->nid));
   if (!$sid) {
     $wid = workflow_get_workflow_for_type($node->type);
     $sid = _workflow_creation_state($wid);
   return $sid;

I guess the view needs to be able to limit the query results from the 
workflow table to achieve the same sort of result, rather than retrieve 
them all.


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