[development] profiles as nodes

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Sat Feb 18 18:57:29 UTC 2006

Khalid B wrote:
> The "users as nodes" and "comments as nodes" were discussed in  the
> relationship session.
> Not the details of whether it is a good idea or not (there seems to be
> disagreement on this in the community), nor how to do it, but rather
> along the lines of "if we had this we could do much more with relationships".

I'm guessing that the other side of this argument
thinks that taxonomy can handle all 2-d and 3-d

I can see the advantages of introducing "has-one",
"has-many", "belongs-to" and all that into Drupal,
but please let's not make establishing those
relationships as flap-waggingly tedious as it is
in Rails (where I'm sure this pressure's coming
from in part).

My current thing has relationships which ought, if
we're being Drupal purists, to make exclusive use
of taxonomy.  For the sake of lightening the DB load
and making it at least slightly comprehansible for
site maintainers (including me), I had to set up
the largest two "taxonomies" as node types instead.

A relationship works by autocomplete-referencing
an existing thing when creating a new thing and storing
it in the new thing's table.

One of the 'taxonomies' I'm talking about here has over
1m terms.  So the short version of this is to suggest
that under some circumstances, taxonomy doesn't scale
-- but only at the UI level.


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