[development] no 4-7-0 branch for core yet?

Karthik narakasura at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 18:00:49 UTC 2006

> matters as we have to commit each patch twice.  I wanted to create
> the branch as soon we release a 'release candidate'.  Talking of
> which, should we release another beta (beta 5) or should we go
> straight to a release candidate?

+1 for beta 5. I don't see how this can be a release candidate when
the first page of the upgrade system still spits out 2-3 warnings and
(as of two days ago) the JS upgrade isn't working - comes up with an
error pop-up (switching JS off solves the issue). Coupled with the
"node/locale search" issue that chx is working on and stuff like
"deleting user cripples nodes", "taxonomies are lost on revert" etc.
there is enough of a case IMO for this not to be a RC (yet). I'm not
sure what the yardstick is, but IMO these are all serious breaks in

Moreover, the above are only the issues *I* am immediately aware of.
There very likely are more.

I think it might be worthwhile to also consider the following (by no
means conclusive, but perhaps indicative?) stats:

Issues marked b4 = 68
Issues marked b3 = 52
Issues marked b2 = 36
Issues marked b1 = 25

The above include active, patch, fixed and closed.

My 10p,
P.S I'm assuming here that "Release Candidate" indicates a feature
complete release which the developers (after *rigorous* internal/beta
testing) have deemed to be good enough for public release, but are
inviting feedback from production sites..

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