[development] Bugfixing

Greg Knaddison greg.knaddison at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 04:55:48 UTC 2006

On 2/20/06, Chris Cook <beerfan at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2/20/06, Greg Knaddison <greg.knaddison at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 34002 is a feature.  My contention is that either issues need to be
> > reviewed and re-assigned more properly as bug/task/feature or the list
> > of issues should include tasks/features.
> >
> > Either way, I would +1 34002 as a blocker for a 4.7 RC.
> Careful, new 'features' are not being considered ;-)

The ;-) is because this is not a feature but a (security related) bug.
That's my point about being sure to reclassify features into bugs if
that is truly the case-as it is here.

I don't want to assume with email being what it is and "assuming"
doing what it does.  For those without knowledge of this idiomatic
phrase the quote goes "when you assume you make an _ass_ out of _u_
and _me_ "


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