[development] Module Builder Module 1.0

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Tue Feb 21 16:55:21 UTC 2006

Angie Byron wrote:
> At DrupalCon, a few of us had talked about how handy it would be to have a
> module that automatically generated "scaffolding" for modules, both to help new
> developers as well as to speed up the process of creating custom modules for
> Drupal veterans.
> As a result of a major bout of insomnia, I am pleased to announce that Module
> Builder Module 1.0 has been committed to CVS, and even pretty much works! ;) You
> can check it out at:

> Anyway, enjoy!
> -Angie

Yay!  I hope to get a chance to try it out later this week.


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