[development] 4.8/5.0: Modules, the install system, and directories

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Wed Feb 22 15:25:32 UTC 2006

Morbus Iff wrote:
>> The one thing missing is that modules should be able to declare what 
>> other modules need to be enabled. I think I agree with Steven's basic 
>> premise that we don't want to auto-activate modules unless the 
>> operator says it's ok, so in my ideal world I'd come back with a list 
>> of modules that need to be activated and say "activate all these 
>> modules too?" kind of like yum does. I assume apt does roughly the 
>> same thing.
> I think that's too much workflow:
>  * user clicks checkbox.
>  * user clicks submit.
>  * user gets message listing pre-reqs.
>  * user clicks all pre-reqs.
>  * user clicks submit.
>  * user gets more pre-req messages.
> I'd much rather see the pre-req's listed in the description:
>  name   |   description (requires: comments)   |   [] []

Well that's nice when the dependencies are simple and it's certainly the minimum 
functionality. But if you have what you said, and then also have the workflow 
listed above the only difference is that instead of coming back saying "I can't 
enable this" it comes back saying "I can't enable this unless you enable these 
things too" and gives you options.

(Also, why make the user check things? It's either yes or no.)

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