[development] enterprise needs

Benson Wong mostlygeek at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 05:16:38 UTC 2006

> Most people don't start by rewriting large parts of core.

True, but it does pretty much what I need it to do. That last mile,
support for multilingual content is a deal breaker for me.

> Over the years, we actually have resolved to implement some processes.
> Feel free to suggest improvements, but for continued good working
> relationship I suggest you scratch "backwards compatibility",
> "responsibility",  and related items from your vocabulary.

I think that is a good sum up of where my wishes and those of the
community differ. I'm looking for something that I can feel safe about
using to build my company's corporate site off of. I didn't realize
that Drupal is so much more technology focused than support focused.
So, I apologize for all the drama. I'll stop now.

> IIRC, I approved your account.

Yep, and thanks. You told me to wait until after the drupal.org
upgrades so I can change my CVS password... still waiting.

> Sorry to say so, but no aim is achieved without effort. If you don't
> feel like doing grunt work once in a while, the processes that need a
> review are yours not ours.

I have to agree with this. On that note, isn't there a way to automate
the grunt work a bit?

This is what I wound up doing while building off of the 4.7 release
since the database definitions changed with pretty much every cvs

I got pretty tired of having to manually go through and recreate the
DB's for drupal, reimporting content, re-enabling my modules, setting
the themes, etc. So I wrote a drupal bootstrapper. Basically it would
automate the process of configuring a clean source tree all the way up
to my configured website.

Why not do that with scratch.drupal.org, bootstrap it to a desired
state, and then run selenium on it. It won't give big code problems,
but it will at least ensure that what worked before is still working.

Anyways, just an idea.

Thanks. Ben

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