[development] enterprise needs

Benson Wong mostlygeek at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 09:30:42 UTC 2006

> Please observe that we have a database upgrade system. You do not need to
> recreate the DB with every CVS update.

I know that exists. However CVS updates usually bring more than just
database changes. I was talking about automating bug testing a bit,
not just updating the database.

The reason I use a bootstrap file is during testing I like to return
the database to a consistent state at the start of each test run. That
consistent state is whatever in the drupal db create file. So my
bootstrap file would start with an empty database, create the drupal
tables, create some users, enable custom modules, set system
variables, insert base content, etc. At the end of the bootstrap, if
all actions were successful, I can be pretty sure that my custom
version of Drupal is ready to use.

Now, theoritically, I should be able to run Selenium against my
installation. Log in, Insert a few nodes, check that they were there,
delete some nodes, etc. Now I can be sure that all the code is still
working correctly with the updates from CVS.

This way it doesn't matter how much things change between CVS updates.
I can just take 2 minutes to run my bootstrap and then selenium if all
test passed, I go have a coffee. I personally find this really useful,
it's not for everybody. I don't like doing grunt work...rather drink


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