[development] question about url aliases with spaces

James Weeks chiptoxic at geekcoalition.co.uk
Sun Feb 26 03:29:26 UTC 2006

If a user tries to goto a page that includes a space such as "/?q=logic 
gates" the browser will convert the space to %20
giveing "/?q=logic%20gates" My question is can you create an alias to this?

i have tried the following drupal aliases but none work.
node/60 => "logic%20gates"        (it accepts this entry but i still get 
a page not found when "/?q=logic%20gates" enterd in browser)
node/60 => "logic gates"        (drupal wont accept this as a valid 
alias entry )
node/60 => 'logic gates'        (drupal wont accept this as a valid 
alias entry )

Also on a side note is there a way to see what version of drupal you 
using when you log in as administrator. Would be nice if it was 
displayed somewere e.g administrator->help page

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