[development] Let's join the efforts to make OSCOM thrive again

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Sun Feb 26 21:38:58 UTC 2006


As some of you may already know, OSCOM, the Open Source Content
Management Association is in trouble, or in an identity crisis, or
whatever you would like to call the current situation.


It needs active members and live participation. The association has very
nice goals of encouraging collaboration between different OSCMS
projects, but this is only possible if these projects are taking part in
the activities. I have been at the last OSCOM conference, speaking about
Drupal, and hanging around with other CMS developers, and Gerhard was at
the OSCOMTag (at LinuxTag) if I remember correctly, representing Drupal.
But (if it works well), OSCOM does not only provide opportunities to
show us to the world, but also to exchange ideas and directions with
other OSCMS projects. How important and fruitful is this is probably
easy to understand for those, who participated at the OSCMS Summit
lately. OSCOM is there to provide these possibilities, if run well, and
if people don't let it disappear.

Ps. You could easily say that I am speaking water but drinking vine (at
least this is how this is said here in Hungary :), since I am unable to
help here, just would like to point out the great possibilities which
are worth going after.


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