[development] Re: enterprise needs

Simon Croome simon at croome.org
Mon Feb 27 01:54:46 UTC 2006

pat at linuxcolumbus.com wrote:
> The only thing Drupal lacks for enterprise acceptance is a marketing team
> and a price tag.
Yes, marketing directed at enterprises would help, if its more 
enterprise users that Drupal wants.  (IMHO, most won't contribute back 
to the community, Drupal service providers excepted).

I also work for a large enterprise (multinational investment bank), and 
when we selected a CMS last year, Drupal didn't make the short list.  We 
ended up with a very expensive system because it offered the following 
features that either Drupal doesn't do, or maybe not to the level we 
needed for our (granted industry-specific) requirements.

1.  True multi-language support.  All content and interfaces in multiple 
languages, with workflow for helping translators.
2.  Content staging and approval workflow.
3.  Version control of everything (content, templates, images, etc.).  
We needed to be able to see what was on our site on a given day.
4.  Multiple dev teams with their own dev servers, mastering their own 
5.  Multi-target publishing, with atomic copies and rollback.
6.  LDAP authentication and roles-based authorisation, or integration 
with a product like Netegrity.

What we got in the end was basically a pimped up rcs/rsync (except for 
the price tag of course!)

I really like Drupal, and am quite happy that it doesn't have all of 
these features.  I don't think they would apply to the majority of users.


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