[development] Re: development Digest, Vol 38, Issue 83

Rob Thorne rob at torenware.com
Mon Feb 27 09:03:05 UTC 2006


As it turns out, bazaar-vcs.org is a bit out of date, but the folks at 
#bzr were indeed very helpful.

It turns out to be very easy to do what I wanted.  It works like this 
with bzr 0.7, for anyone else who wants to try this out:

Say I'm trying to import a local directory, myprojects/,  into bzr.  It 
works something like this, if my projects are in the current directory:

    bzr init myprojects
    cd myprojects
    bzr add .
    bzr commit -m 'I just added myprojects to bzr'

Once that's done, the branch exists, and I can branch it off to wherever 
my web server wants me to put my files.

The conceptual problem for me was there isn't a repository path like cvs 
or svn has on init, since, well, there's no repository.  The working 
directory *is* the repository.  Weird for somebody like me that grew up 
on CVS.

Thanks for you help; I'm going to try using this for a while, and see 
how it works for me.


Chad Phillips -- Apartment Lines wrote:
>> This is also a concern of mine.  I'm also surprised at how difficult 
>> it's been to find documentation of very basic things, like how you 
>> create your own bazaar-ng repository -- which I'd like to do, if only 
>> as an experiment.  Anybody have a pointer to a doc??
> you should find a fair amount of doc here:
> http://bazaar-vcs.org/
> also, you can ask in #bzr if you get stuck on anything--#bzr is 
> without the friendliest irc channel i've been on.  most of the foks 
> are very willing to help.
> chad

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