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Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 11:39:10 UTC 2006

> The following TODO list items have been taken care of the past week:
> 1. I synched http://scratch.drupal.org/ with http://drupal.org/ and
> upgraded it to CVS HEAD.
> 2. I spent some time to figure out why the donations page
> (http://drupal.org/donate) isn't updating.  OSL had to recompile
> mod_php to fix the problem (curl-support was missing) but this is
> taken care of now. I still have to re-import the missing data though.
> I tried doing so but Paypal's export functionality was timing out.
> I'll try again later this week.
> 3. Kieran, his wife, webchick, Oadae et al. did a card sort on the
> Drupal 4.6 projects (http://drupal.org/node/50091).  I wrote a small
> parser that takes the spreadsheet's information and turns it into SQL
> queries.  The result can be seen at
> http://scratch.drupal.org/project/Modules.
> 4. Khalid and his wife ported 3 modules that we're using on drupal.org
> to CVS HEAD.  They have been installed on http://scratch.drupal.org/
> and seem to work fine.
> 5. Gerhard profiled the site, identified some expensive queries, and
> implemented some performance improvements.
> 6. I split the 'Hosting and services' forum in two separate forums and
> recategorized  150+ forum topics.
> What is left to do?
> 1. Update the drupal.org theme to CVS HEAD.  I won't work on this but
> Steven Wittens will.  As soon Steven is ready, we should be able to
> upgrade.

Steven finished updating the theme on http://scratch.drupal.org/.

There are, however, a number of showstopping project module bugs:

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