[development] Busy for the next couple of months...

Benson Wong mostlygeek at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 19:01:46 UTC 2006


Over the past week I really stuck my nose in a bunch of Drupal dev
stuff, now I got some performance writing work for the handbook to do,
and probably some involvement in the i18n stuff. I'm looking forward
to doing as much as I can to help the project out in these areas.

On that note, I also have this _huge_ project, as in I have to build
an i18n web site for my company that will probably have about 50,000
pages, servicing 8000 associates across Canada in the next few months.
This is my main priority, but I'll contribute as much as I can to the
efforts above. I have to make the tough decision of choosing to stay
with Drupal (with already a few months of development invested), or
switch to another CMS that supports multi-lingual content.

I just wanted to post this because with my recenty frenzy of posts, it
may seem like I was ready to step up to the plate and hunker down for
some hard core, all night drupal development. I would really like to
contribute at that level, but my first priority is the project above
(pays the bills and all ya-know). :) Out of respect, I wanted to make
sure there wasn't any false expectations.


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