[development] kudos to Steven, and how to get rid of the resizing JS.

Karthik narakasura at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 07:25:48 UTC 2006

On 03/01/06, Bèr Kessels <ber at webschuur.com> wrote:
> but ehh. I *personally* don't want it. My client got (a little) angry because
> it broke his (development) site; its due to a theme/CSS issue, but still. I
> have to bill him for a fixing a feature he never asked for.
> Also, I certainly don't want it on none-admin areas like the feedback form.
> That is again, a personal decision. But I think end-users (those filling in
> their address in a feeback for, for example) should not get all that JS
> shazam, but a properly pre-sized textfield.

I would also prefer to have all this JS magick as optional. When I
first encountered the resizable textarea, it was broken (in FF 1.5 on
Linux), and I was seeing two draggable bars. This was apparently a
caching issue as it magically fixed itself the next time I encountered
it. But I a) don't really need it and b) if I do need it, I would like
to decide for myself..

Similarly, with the autocomplete functionality, I would personally
prefer to see it being triggered only after a minimum of 3 characters
have been typed. I would also like to decide for myself  whether my
user fields and search boxes should have autocomplete enabled or not.

All that said, I really do think that all these additions are very
neat and my thanks to the developers behind it. But I would like to
have complete control over it :)

And I also realise that all these myriad options are going to clutter
things up. Perhaps Drupal can have the equivalent of Firefox's
"about:config" page - a be all and end all of options pages. All
seldom used options can be stuck in here in a semi-organised layout.

While we are on the issue of JS, I really think that all the
node/trackback etc. management forms can use some JS goodness in the
form of "Check all"/"Select Inverse" and related options. These forms
can become quite unusable when trying to manage large amounts of data,
and this will ease the pain somewhat while for e.g., trying to sift
through 30 pages of spammed trackbacks..

And greater control over which fieldsets are open/closed (by default)
would also be excellent. But, I digress, and this email is turning
into a wishlist :/

Thanks for reading this far ;)

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