[development] kudos to Steven, and how to get rid of the resizing JS.

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Tue Jan 3 11:12:24 UTC 2006

Op dinsdag 03 januari 2006 11:09, schreef Gabor Hojtsy:
> Ber I think this is a themeing issue. Whether someone likes to see some
> JS in one theme and no JS in another used on the site is his decision.
> So if you or someone else contributes a module to do it, it is logical
> to do per theme settings (which shows that this is a themeing issue and
> not something for a module). It is even possible that a theme providing
> an admin and a public view turns JS magic on in the admin view while
> turns off most of the JS magic on the end user view. So this can even
> differ inbetween the different views provided by a single theme.

Yes. So do i think. Apparantly this is not the common idea, though.

* Drupal itself has APIs for nice AJAX and DHTML stuff
* Drupal itself does NOT use them. Not by default
* A theme can implement autofills, resizers, CoolHoverEffects, 
StuffWeNeedBecauseWordpressHasIt and so on. 
* A theme can also not implement these and then ship with the core defaults, 
wich is, no AJAX DHTML stuff.

This is my opinion. And though I may feel this way, there is no way i feel 
like turning back all the hard work done, in patches of whatevers. Not untill 
I know that at least a vast mayority thinks this is good. Wchih, i fear, will 
be never :)

So as i said before, i will do all this in a prototype module. A module that 
removes the ajax JS from core and re-implements stuff on a themed basis. It 
feels a bit weird but at least its the easiest route, 
Another todo :)


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