[development] websiteoptimization.com css size

Piotr Krukowiecki piotr at mallorn.ii.uj.edu.pl
Thu Jan 5 12:33:56 UTC 2006


Today I discovered that Web Developer extension for FF has an
interesting "View Speed Report" option. It uses websiteoptimization.com
for checking different elements of your site. 

I've used it on my simple site and was generally happy with the results, 
but one thing I didn't like: the size of CSS file. There was one thread 
about this iirc... 

My whole front page is 29.5KB, and 17.1KB is used by CSS files (10.6KB by
drupal.css and 6.4KB by bluemarine/style.css). The sizes are for compressed

Do we really need so (relatively) large CSS files in default theme?

I've also tested drupal.org main page - it's 80KB total size, out of
which 38KB is used by images and almost 37KB us used by CSS. The HTML
content is only 6KB....

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