[development] let's cleanup /misc

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Thu Jan 5 17:32:37 UTC 2006

Darrel O'Pry wrote:

> I think pleasantly enough drupal already has a lot of these features. So
> the work is more a matter of changing the default recommendations and
> documentation.. I personally think every drupal install should be viewed
> as a multisite install. and configured as a multisite install, so there
> is only 1 recommended way to setup drupal, instead of this single site,
> multisite contention.

This is very smart, especially when talking about the files folder. The 
default /files is a next to worthless setting. It should, at the least, 
be sites/default/files. And when we change this, couldn't we find a way 
to ship the files folder already created? It's nice that now the server 
at least tries to create a folder with the right permissions, but 
sheeesh, this is still a pain in the neck.

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