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Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Thu Jan 5 18:26:53 UTC 2006

On 5-Jan-06, at 10:05 AM, Jeff Eaton wrote:

>>> 3. sites/ has configuration files with multi site setup (hostname,
>>> default, ...etc.), in addition to an "all/" directory, which is
> shared
>>> by all domains.
>> Now this is a valid idea -- maybe the site/default/modules and
>> site/default/themes should be included for every site? Oneliner  
>> patch.
> Yeah, this is the one thing that's come up that multisite  
> functionality
> DOESN'T yet handle, and it would definitely be cool. The core /modules
> directory etc could be kept completely clean.

This works with the notion of install profiles. e.g. profiles/ 
[profile-name]/modules etc.

Some more examples...


etc. etc.

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