[development] E-Commerce - Call for Developers, testers etc

Gordon Heydon gordon at heydon.com.au
Fri Jan 6 23:55:30 UTC 2006

Hi all,

As a lot of people here know E-Commerce is a great set of modules and
adds a lot of functionality to Drupal that a lot of web site use and
love. A lot of high profile sites like goodstorm.com, and many others
use E-Commerce.

The unfortunate thing is that with the major changes to Drupals formapi,
and many other changes the current CVS version of E-Commerce is not
working. With the pending release of Drupal 4.7 we need to fix this
problem. This is a large job and I really need help to get this done.

I know that I have had kind offers from Bryght to use the svn servers to
coordinate the development, but because of the type of system E-Commerce
is I feel that the level of accountability needs to be higher. We need
to be able to track every change back to the developer that made it. So
making the changes in Bryghts svn server and coping the blob of changes
to drupals contributions is not going to be acceptable.

Since we have a code management system in Drupal (namely cvs) which
works fine and most of the E-Commerce developers have contributions cvs
write access, I am going to get everyone to commit changes directly into

For developers without cvs access please email me the patch and I will
commit them. 

For testing I have built a web site http://ecommerce.heydon.com.au which
is updated from cvs every 3 hours. so any testers can test the latest
version of ecommerce, can create a login at the above site, and if you
need administrator access, just email me, and I will give it too you. If
the frequency needs to be increased I will increase it.

I have started converting the store.module to 4.7, and if I can't find
someone suitable to do the product module I will also be doing this.
Other wise people can email me what they are going to be doing, so that
I can coordinate it. I will also be trying to hang out in IRC a bit more
so that I can be contacted easier.

I would like people to work on the core modules first, but any help is

Thanks for any help that people can give.

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