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Piotr Krukowiecki piotr at mallorn.ii.uj.edu.pl
Sat Jan 7 10:01:37 UTC 2006

On Fri, Jan 06, 2006 at 07:21:58PM -0600, Edgard Durand wrote:
> 2. If possible add a checkbox to admin->themes to disable drupal.css.
> Reason: For advanced users (themers), they will find easier to add complete stylesheets to their themes instead of overriding drupal.css, I have found very difficult to override certain default styles, besides overriding only increases the size (duplicating code) instead of only one stylesheet there are two.

Maybe leave that to theme? Let theme decide if it wants to use
drupal.css or not. A hook_theme_css() or something. This way, if site is
configured to allow users to change themes, some themes can use
drupal.css and some can choose not to use it.

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