[development] Fwd: Add Content issues

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sat Jan 7 10:27:29 UTC 2006

Hello developers,

It seems the mac issues  are not only limited to stylesheets. I recieved this 
message today. I have searched the web, but cannot find any reported bug on 
i-frames, AJAX and crashes. 
Good thing to note, is that aka Bill had no issues with uploader 

I am not sure if its a combination of our custom theme with IE5mac that makes 
it crash or if its Drupal core. But my last hour of debugging makes me 
beleive this really is a core issue.

* Can someone with an old mac ie 5 test any uplaod in HEAD. remixcommons.org 
is open for uploading.*

I would like to know if this happens with all core, for that will give me an 
indication where to start, in order to fix this bug. 


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Subject: Add Content issues

Goodness graces!

I have atteempted to upload via Netscape 7.5 and IE 5 from a Mac twice
and her eis what happens.

Netscape offers most (except for teh preview thumbnail upload) options
i.e tags, titles additional title... yet it crashes just as the upload
is moments from completion.

IE does not offer any options outside of the initial title and body, I
do not even have an upload image option.

Time to move to Firefox? If only just to use Remix Readding...:-)

Bill (aka Bill)


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