[development] Static Page Caching

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Tue Jan 10 16:29:57 UTC 2006

Op dinsdag 10 januari 2006 16:48, schreef Dries Buytaert:
> > When Jeremy produced his patch, it was felt that this would not be the
> > case. However, nowadays there are many more high profile sites and I
> > think a patch like this would help them.
> I tend to agree.  It looks like fairly simple job to implement.

I once did a dump (using wget and a spidering tool) of al pages in drupal into 
a static site. I cannot say anything about performance, but I can certainly 
say that we have a hell of a lot of pages. The site had approx. 50 nodes, but 
about 700 html pages :).


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