[development] Overwhelmed by traffic on this list

Jonathan Kamens jik at kamens.brookline.ma.us
Tue Jan 10 22:41:17 UTC 2006

Jeff Eaton writes:
 > Part of the difficulty in providing this sort of filtered list is that
 > it is very, very personalized and very, very labor intensive. Should
 > there be an announce list for 'CVS core compatability issues' and one
 > for 'Design changes under consideration' and a separate one for
 > 'discussion stemming from design changes under consideration?' I'm not
 > trying to shoot you down, just attempting to point out that what
 > constitutes 'important information' is terribly hard to weigh, and is
 > very subjective once you pass a certain technical threshold.

Even if every one of the categories of information you described were
sent to the announcements list, with subsequent *discussion* of those
announcements directed at the development list, the bandwidth on the
announcements list would be orders of magnitude less than the
bandwiddth on the development list.  In other words, erring on the
side of using the announcements list if it might possibly be
appropriate would by no means negate the utility of the list.

 > If you have a full time job and kids and negative free time, and don't
 > want to think about Drupal when it's working... Honestly, stop running
 > the CVS HEAD version. Important security fixes are all you really need
 > to keep up on at that point.

I'm not running CVS HEAD.  I'm running 4.6.5.  I was running 4.6.3,
and didn't even realize that 4.6.4 and 4.6.5 had been released,
despite the fact that I subscribe to this list, until a friend pointed
it out to me.  That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.


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