[development] Themes and Modules

Peter Hartman peterjh at mennonot.net
Wed Jan 11 04:29:16 UTC 2006

Hey folks,

I'm working on a module which wants to squash a lot of things in
page.tpl.php, e.g., the Edit / View / Outline / Etc tabs, the links at
the bottom, the help button; and it wants to override the way
breadcrumbs and title are handled.  The only way I've found to do this
is to adjust page.tpl.php and node.tpl.php with some logic like (if
$node->type == 'mymodule').  However, this strikes me as not the best
way (in the long haul) to do things, since it would require shipping a
page.tpl.php file with the module for other people to use, or
including a patch for the tpl.php files in the INSTALL.txt file, both
of which seem like
bad solutions.

Is there a way for a module to overwrite tpl.php things without
recourse to having people installing the module to edit their theme

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