[development] create a star rater using css

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Fri Jan 13 16:16:25 UTC 2006

Right, that's a feature that's supported in the API, though I haven't
yet coded a widget for it. I'd probably have to turn that into a form
submit, or some sort of JS-maintained array of data. AJAX might be nice.
I'd hate to have to reload the page for EACH of the criteria.

The API supports single and multiple criteria, custom calculation
functions, and a couple different voting metrics
(drop-a-token-in-the-jar, rate-on-a-scale, and so on). It does its
calculations only when a vote is cast, then caches the results, so
viewing/retrieving/filtering rating data is relatively inexpensive.
Voting data is kept in as 'agnostic' a format as possible, which (in
many cases) would allow you to change voting systems without losing all
your existing votes.

Also, it's not restricted to nodes. You can see the sidebar on that site
contains a list of news aggregator stories that are ratable. Comments,
nodes, images, even other ratings can be rated.


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> You can add multiple ratings per node, right?
> ie: graphics, gameplay, blah right ?
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