[development] create a star rater using css

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Jan 13 17:26:54 UTC 2006

There is one thing, that, in general worries me about such JS niftyness: it 
might be buzz-compliant and all, but is it truly Accessible and so?

Here is how people should create such nifty widgets. (not saying that that did 
not happen in the examples!)
* Make a normal form based rating. Most probably with a dropdown and a submit 
* Add some CSS to make it look nicer.
* Overlay some JS to alter the DOM and/or the layout (only for those clients 
that are *known* to support it).
* Overlay some AJAX to make it snappier.

Here is wat happens most of the time:
* A cool idea is mocked up and worked out in a little HTML with CSS.
* Some JS is added to make dynamic
* The DOM is changed a little to make the JS work better
* Some ajax is added for snappyness.
* Some exeptions are added in the JS and CSS for specific browsers that have 
problems with teh widget.

That, i can assure you, *will* break. If not on the older browsers, then 
certainly on some future version of some browser. The first method *always* 
degrades to the Good Ol' HTML. The stuff that will always work.

Op vrijdag 13 januari 2006 17:42, schreef Chris Messina:
> You can also generalize the technique to include more options and so
> on. I should document the technique at some point, but I think it's
> pretty useful for what you guys are discussing.
> Chris

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