[development] [lazyweb] Drupal Configurator

Arnab Nandi arnabdotorg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 03:03:40 UTC 2006


Just wanted to float this idea to the devel group.

The Drupal Configurator will be an OFFLINE app (Java / .NET|Mono?)
that allows you to perform most admin functions in an offline mode.
Even with a decently fast connection, it is quite frustrating if you
have to set up
* flexinode
* taxonomy
* profiles
via the browser... so many page views / iterations!. So, why not have
a small forms driven app that allows us to do all of this in one shot,
and then upload the combined preferences to the website?

This can be done by setting up a special module for the configurator,
which uses XML-RPC to read in and configure Drupal using this tool.

I'm never going to have the time to do this, but it would be awesome
if someone actually writes this. Let's see if the Drupal Lazyweb



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