[development] Re: Why Drupal 4.7 is late? (long)

Kobus Myburgh itbjdm at puknet.puk.ac.za
Mon Jan 16 07:20:07 UTC 2006

Hi Karoly (and other senior Drupal developers),

I have submitted my first patches for Drupal over the last few weeks (think: baby steps - I am only starting developing now and have relatively low PHP/Drupal knowledge compared to you guys). 

While I am not oblivious to your statements, Karoly, I will nevertheless be the Devil's advocate here.

Most of my patches have been submitted for over a week, with status "code needs review" but nobody has even looked at it. Yes, one of them were committed (Capitalized 'D' for Drupal), but the bulk of them weren't even looked at. One such bug that I submitted a patch for was for form.inc (http://drupal.org/node/43131), which is the main topic of the foregoing discussion, which still didn't even get a single reaction since it was posted on the 3rd of January.

I think the fact that people's patches don't get attention discourage them to submit more patches and to get involved. If you look at http://www.drupal.org/user/74/track/ (the only way I could get other people to see my patches - alternatively you can try http://drupal.org/project/issues/search and search for "bug reports" assigned to "Kobus"), you will see that I have 4 patches with "code needs review" status. I am helping where I can, where my skill level allows, but I feel that the patches don't get attention.

I have respect to the fact that everyone else is busy, and have their lives, but think the following scenario:

1. You are a builder
2. You have 20 people working under you

If you are only capable to supervise 15 people at any given time, would it really help to increase the people under you to 30?

Basically, what I am saying, is we need more people involved with tackling patches that are *already* in the system first. That way people will feel more willing to help out.

If anyone feel that I am *completely* wrong here, I am open for some more discussion.



>>> karoly at negyesi.net 1/15/2006 7:05:38 PM >>>
Folks sorry to be rude, but this is off topic.

So far, only Drumm has seeked me out in private and offered a helping hand  
in fixing bugs. There are enough bugs for a roman legion. All hands on  

>> webchick did an example of how a .install file should look like:
>> http://drupal.org/node/43492

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