[development] Re: Why Drupal 4.7 is late? (long)

Kobus Myburgh itbjdm at puknet.puk.ac.za
Mon Jan 16 07:45:03 UTC 2006

I agree. So, perhaps we should get some more people interested in reviewing patches more. I am new to all this, but I have tested some patches already, and given feedback.

How about we shift our focus instead. Instead of having "bug fixing parties" let's have a "patch reviewing party". Or let's have both?



>>> karoly at negyesi.net 1/16/2006 9:39:08 AM >>>
> Most of my patches have been submitted for over a week, with status  
> "code needs review" but nobody has even looked at it.

I also told numerous times (even posted to drupal.org frontpage) that we  
are short on reviewers.

It's also part of the "can't cope with the load" stuff :(

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