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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon Jan 16 11:25:41 UTC 2006


Op maandag 16 januari 2006 04:03, schreef Arnab Nandi:
> * flexinode
> * taxonomy
> * profiles
> via the browser... so many page views / iterations!. So, why not have
> a small forms driven app that allows us to do all of this in one shot,
> and then upload the combined preferences to the website?

Peronally I am moer and more moving away from this and moving back to the good 
old PHP. Mostly for development reasons, since configuration is quit hard to 
port over between test-staging-live sites, especailly of you are delaing with 
version upgrades.
Hence I prefer to store this configuration as normal PHP modules or theme 
fucntions in my SVN. 

I concluded that mixing logic (configuration) and content, is about as bad as 
mixing logic and style in a web application.

I therefore, am focussing on getting more APIs ready for things. Starting off 
with views (which already has all this!) and next CCK, once that is ready for 

Just my $0.02

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