[development] Module to Track RSS Subscribers

Nick Lewis nick at smartcampaigns.com
Mon Jan 16 20:51:42 UTC 2006

Khalid B wrote:

>This is a good idea.
>However, instead of parsing the logs (which can be expensive), how
>about intercepting the logging as it happens and if it is node/feed,
>then write an entry to a special log.
I think this is a great idea. Maybe, instead of even intercepting, we 
could all together prevent adding any additional overhead to the access 
log by updating the info on cron, or when the user accesses the page for 
rss logs?

So the flow would be:
1. Code executes when script accessed by user or cron
2. Code gets time stamp of the last update (from undecided place, as of 
now) and filters through all page hits with path like .../feed.
3. For each new IP address, create a new record, and update existing IP 
addresses cumulative number of accesses.

Then from that data, we could also create statistics on term, a blog 
specific feeds, ect...

> That log would have the IP
>address, time of last access and cumulative number of accesses for
>that IP address?
>Or maybe all we need is additional indices on the existing table
>(although an index on the URL would be expensive).
The access logs already take up enough resources as it were, I think we 
should consider using a databasetable.

>This could be part of statistics.module of course.
And I was sort of thinking this would be better in the core statistics 
module as well. We already have enough extended tracking.modules -- I 
think the world probably doesn't need another. Though, I would like to 
extend the display of data to take advantage of modules like graphstat, 
but that is another story.

>On 1/16/06, Nick Lewis <nick at smartcampaigns.com> wrote:
>>Hi folks, I'm in the early stages of building a set of scripts that
>>parse out info about hits to a site's RSS feed. The goal is to
>>trasmogrify what is now only viewable as thousands of anonymous hits to
>>node/feed to a list of total hits to node/feed by ip address. My hope is
>>that this will be the foundation for a module/feature that gives me a
>>ballpark idea of how many RSS subscribers I actually have.
>>Anyone working on something similar?
>>Or should I consider building this as a new feature to submit for review
>>in the statistics.module?
>>Finally, the statistics.module dropped a lot of functionality that would
>>have allowed this anyway after the port to 4.6 -- was there a good
>>reason for this?
>>Nick Lewis

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