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For now it should probably go as a child page here: http://drupal.org/node/10259
so it doesn't get lost.  I am looking through the developers guide strucutre and trying to figure the best approach for it.  We have some duplicate and even triplicate content that needs heavy editing and I want to do it it in one fell swoop.


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This should (also) be discussed on the docs list.

Where can we put it? IMO a simple bookpage with a link on the issue creation
page should do, not?

Op maandag 16 januari 2006 17:17, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
> extreme critical: when a bug breaks all core , sessions, bootstrap one of  
> the form elements or something like that. These are to be fixed  
> immediately because Drupal HEAD is not usable at all.
> critical bugs render a whole (or most of a) module unusable. Example: you  
> can't post a forum topic.
> major bugs: a smaller part of a module. You can't add a menu with menu  
> module.
> -- below these are bugs that do not hold a release --
> Normal bugs just bugs, we could even release with these. Just one  
> functionality, like the category filter not working on node admin screen.
Can we release with these? Personally I don't really care, and woulod say
'yes'. But that is because I work for my cleints and can filter out therse
bugs before a site goes live. But certainly Joe Schmoe will get a negative
idea about a piece of software that 'has bogs all over the place' (I cannot
find the comment IO refer to, anymore). I think this is up to Dries to
decide, what and how many boogs are still alive when we go live?

> And minor bugs are cosmetical stuff, notices etc
Are those not 'tasks' instead. Or even features?

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