[development] Module to Track RSS Subscribers

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Tue Jan 17 12:06:55 UTC 2006

Op dinsdag 17 januari 2006 05:12, schreef Greg Knaddison:
> If you're OK using the IP tracking, xstatistics.module already tracks
> how many users request your feed at least once in the data in your
> accesslog (as Adam Knight pointed out).  No extra overhead, no new
> coding, it's done.

On top of this:
I have long standing plans to, at least for xstatistics (in a private table) 
track the client strings. That could be combined with these stats i query 
from xtatistics. 

The plan is as follows:
count() filter by ip
filter only those that return withing a time interval (within 2 days eg) 
substract a set of known strings  that are not feedreaders (such as googlebot)
that is the amout of subscribers.

> It does use IP, so it could present problems, but for most situations
> it is a good generalization of what is going on.

I found that when you have > 20 readers this number resembles what netstat 
tells me. with a variation of 5-10%. the higher the number the smaller the 

> John's solution of using the sessionID confuses me (can you expand a
> bit more) but my understanding of it is that it either presents a
> privacy problem or would be confusing to the user or both.

Johns Ideas ar ecool. Yet IMO way OTT. they make me think of that ad where you 
see a maserati motorbike gloed to a baby-three-weel-bike. 
Making the feeds stats killer, cool; dynalmic i aware algorithmick filtered 
stats, while having the same ol stats in the rest of Drupal is like that 

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